Comments on the Carbon Grazing book

“Thanks a lot for your book Alan, I’m working my way through it. Great stuff and very easy to absorb”.
(Melanie Brennan, Wombat Creative)

"You have developed a big concept and explained it simply. It is also well written and illustrated. Personal experience, anecdotes from others and a smattering of science gives it a very readable tone. Then bringing it all into the worldwide Carbon debate of the current age was a brilliant idea. In my day we didn't go past calling it organic matter, which has no appeal at all. Your way of explaining it gives it focus and builds it into the worldwide Carbon framework."  
(Former CSIRO Rangeland scientist, Dr Alan Wilson)

"Congratulations Alan on a great book. I have just finished reading it and was very impressed. You have made a very difficult subject into a farmer friendly read." 
(Grazier Duncan Banks, Qld)

"Congratulations. You have synthesised a wealth of scientific knowledge with your own acute observations and practical knowledge. Your book should be essential reading for every grazier in pastoral Australia".
(Dr Kenneth Hodgkinson, Research Fellow CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems)

"It was your brief to open the Symposium with a thought provoking address that urged participants to challenge their current thinking about synergistic, multidisciplinary and systematic approaches to sustainable grazing. Participants of the symposium were inspired by your presentation. Both your book and presentation have continued to facilitate on-going dialogue post-symposium on these concepts".
(Sarah Hood, Sustainable Agriculture Partnerships Manager, Qld Regional NRM Groups Collective)

"Changing farming practices, such as Carbon Grazing, have the potential to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases while simultaneously increasing productivity, reducing input costs and producing wider natural resource management benefits". 
(Policy Paper "Optimizing Carbon in the Australian Landscape", the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists)

“A work mate has a copy that he purchased some years ago and lent it to me. For me your book has joined the dots and reassured me that some of what I am doing by instinct is on the right track. Your book is a great piece of work that is full of innovative thinking and challenges a lot of old ideas and practices, obviously one read is not enough and I would like to have a copy in my reference library at home”.
(Stephen Martin, cattle producer, Gladstone Qld)

I have just finished reading "Carbon Grazing" and was seriously impressed...I guess if one writes a book that gets people all excited then one should expect questions"
(Dr Janey Jackson, cattle producer, Victoria)

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